Agreement Between Uae And India

Although India and the UAE are two fast-growing Asian economies, bilateral trade between them has not kept up with the region`s economic growth, with trade falling from about $67 billion in 2013 to $49.3 billion in 2016. [11] During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to the UAE in February 2018, the two sides signed a pioneering agreement to operate directly in their local currencies, eliminating the need for US dollars, which would significantly boost trade. The two heads of state and government also set themselves an ambitious target of $100 billion in bilateral trade by 2020. [12] The Committee will meet annually and focus on increasing investment, with industrial partners, in start-ups and research activities in the field of AI, in order to support the development of new AI technologies and services. The Committee will also monitor technological and policy developments in the AI landscape to help both nations maintain relevant regulatory frameworks and guidelines. Finally, the Committee will exchange regulatory know-how to help AI start-ups integrate into each other`s legal systems and develop digital infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of datasets across their borders. The Cabinet of the Union approved a Memorandum of Understanding between India and the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) on technical cooperation in the railway sector. Trade amounts to more than $75 billion (AED275.25 billion). [10] The UAE has expressed interest in investing in Indian agriculture]. In addition, the United Arab Emirates, India`s largest trading partner in the entire West Asia-West Region of North Africa (WANA), which alone accounts for 75 per cent of India`s exports to the GCC countries, has taken its relations with India seriously. Ravi S Jha, a leading Indian journalist and expert on India`s relations with the Middle East, said Indian exports to the UAE account for 6 percent of India`s global exports. Relations between the two countries are expected to flourish with indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh`s visit to Abu Dhabi in March 2013.

[8] In this regard, the agreement between the UAE and Israel will be a relief for New Delhi, which, in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu`s earlier plans, to assert On July 1 Israeli sovereignty over about 30% of the West Bank territories, as required by Trump`s “vision” agreement of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, insisted on the talks. Agreement between the Republic of India and the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) on New Delhi, 25 October 1999, Judicial Commissions, Enforcement of Awards and Arbitral Awards. the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, hereinafter referred to as the Parties; Desiring to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries and to promote fruitful cooperation in the field of justice and justice; Recognizing the need to facilitate the widest possible degree of mutual legal assistance in civil and commercial matters, the courts of the requested State between the same parties and taking into account the 3rd. .

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