Arpansa Enterprise Agreement

After a long campaign by EI and other unions, the FWC rejected requests for permission for two BHP employment contracts. BP2001/4471, C2001/5836 s.170MI Request by IE Reopen the trading period; and s.99 Communication of a dispute between AWU and Tamar Group Pty Ltd regarding the alleged threat to terminate the employment relationship of the members of the AWU re collective agreement – Hingley C – November 21 During the drafting of the agreements, BHP became greedy. They contained only one salary for a particular roster model and said that employees employed under different types of rosters would determine their compensation according to the same “principles.” C2001/4327, C2001/4475 s.99 Notice of a dispute between FSU and ANZ Banking Group Ltd concerning the wage packaging of the total cost of employment and an individual employment contract; and Article 113 request from the FSU and another request to amend the reintroduction of a new subsection of 6.3 concerning agreements on the cost of employment toal (TEC) – Duncan SDP – 20. In response to this request, BHP decided to set up its own temporary employment companies: OS MCAP Pty Ltd and OS ACPM Pty Ltd. BHP then arranged for a small group of employees to authorize company agreements on production and maintenance activities throughout the mining industry. AG2001/6916-8 s.170MD (6) Requests by Woolworths Ltd to address ambiguities in Franklins Limited`s 2001 National Retail Team Agreement, Franklins Limited Big Fresh Enterprise Agreement and Franklins Limited SDA Victoria Agreement 2001 – Raffaelli C – November 13 Cooperation allowed AWU members to block these agreements and protect their wages and conditions. Had BHP`s dubious deals been approved, thousands of miners would have been worse off across the country. A Full Bench found that the agreements were not actually reached by the relevant staff because BHP denied them access to critical information on wage rates. AG2001/5495 s.170LW Application by FSU and Commonwealth Bank of Australia and another dispute settlement claim in clause 3.5 concerning the circumstance of Ms K. Davis – Duncan SDP – 15 November. AG2001/6024 and others s.170MH Requests to terminate the ARPANSA Agreement 1999-2001 of the Ministry of Health and End-of-Life Care and the Bureau of Nuclear Safety (Enterprise Bargaining and Productivity Enhancement Agreement) 1995; and s.170LJ application from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and others for ARPANSA certification 2001 – 2002 for certification – Kaufman SDP – November 23.

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