California Real Estate Finders Fee Agreement

`5. An agreement that authorizes or mandates an agent or broker to buy or sell immovable property for compensation or commission; …” Fn. 2 [4] Several defendants were cited in the applicant`s appeal, in addition to the designation of clodfelter and Lemery. In its decision in its memorandum, the Tribunal observed that the demurrers of several of the above-mentioned complainants were acceptable on the ground that the appeal did not constitute sufficient facts to constitute a means of asserting them. Given that only four of them were the subject of complaints (Cirod, Inc., Melridge, Inc., Sunset Continental Properties and Cirod Anaheim No. 1, Inc.) A plea was raised only against those defendants and not against the other defendants cited. However, the complaints made in the action do not limit participation in the agreement to those four defendants. It is alleged that the “accused” owned or leased a number of motels and hotels; That Clodfelter and Lemery were senior managers and directors of “defendants” and that they were representatives and representatives at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, which provides that the applicant would receive a fairy finder`s for the introduction of a buyer to the defendants of all or part of their interests; whereas, in accordance with the agreement, the applicant presented Autry to the defendant; that the defendants then negotiated with Autry, specifying the negotiations that resulted in the sale of the property. The fact that only four of the defendants held shares of ownership in the land covered by the agreement would not prevent everyone from being held liable for the alleged contract. We conclude that the complaint indicates a means of bringing an action against all of the above-mentioned defendants.

Remember that there is more than one “normal” way to pay for research fees. Agents usually make payments, but sometimes, if there is no contract, they simply write a check as a “gift” to your friendly intermediary. This is a normal practice and should not worry you. As you can see, as an investor, you don`t pay at all most of the time. For the purposes of this appeal, the parties acknowledge that the alleged agreement pursued by the applicant was oral and that at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the applicant was not licensed as a real estate agent or agent. . . .

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