Contoh Kalimat Positive Agreement

The affirmative sentence is a sentence that preaches a work, circumstance or nature on that subject. Subject+ To be+ Predicative New Phrase Formula “So do I.” or “Neither do I”. Heard or used? We often use it to approve or reject the other person`s speech. We can choose whether or not to approve the speech of the interlocutor. And the two have different paths. This is how one can accept a positive sentence or reject it. Now let`s continue how they react to negative sentences. III. If a verb, except without excipients, appears in the main sentence, the do of auxiliary ordinance, Does-or-Did is used in the simple declaration. The subject and the verb must match and the form of the tense must be the same.

(If, in the main sentence, a verb (except be) appears without auxiliary order, then it is necessary to use the obligation of help , must be used ordid – the principle and the verb must be aligned according to the tense used). Negative statement + and + [ S + negative auxiliary or + either] Negative statement + and + [ neither + positive help message, nor + S ] Examples: I didn`t see Bella this morning…

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